Anna Hazaare – the new role model for Indian youth

After a long time someone outside of Cricket and Bollywood has caught the imagination of the Indian youth. A national movement is gathering pace for the implementation of the Jan Lokapal bill and is now being fronted by Anna Hazaare. It is rightly being called the India’s Egypt moment, India’s 2nd freedom struggle etc, and it couldn’t have come at a more appropriate moment in the emerging growth story of India.

We had become a country where cricketers and bollywood actors had become the opium of the masses, and where news anchors engaged in loud, noisy, toothless debates with politicians about policies and corruption, but to no effect, and where youth were increasingly getting disillusioned by the ruling elite of India. The size of each new scam was dwarfing the old benchmark and India was getting such a reputation for graft globally that we had the worst performing stock market after the middle east over the last year! We were almost resigned to seeing our Tax money being misappropriated by the politicians. But with Anna Hazzare taking up this cause, there is new hope.

The encouraging thing about this uprising is that it has found a foothold in the minds of the more thinking Indians, the ones who will not get swayed by vote buying tactics or populist measures, the established tricks of the politicians trade. These are the self assured youth of India who are ambitious, but who have not had their voice ever heard on the public arena. The constraints of Democracy in a country like India are such that it is the most impoverished and the most vulnerable who have been exploited and used as crutches of power by the Politicians. Just the sheer disparity and divisions in India- religious, economic and social have been exploited by politicians, but social media has changed the rules, and just like the revolution in the Middle east, it has helped to galvanize widespread support for Anna Hazzare in the youth of India.

The Jan Lokpal Bill will not be peacefully accepted by politicians since it is akin to expecting politicians to sign off their own arrest warrents, no wonder that lokpal bill has been languishing for the last 42 years in the parliament. But now the question is no more about if the bill will be passed, but only of when and in what form. Once it gets passed, there will be not one politician left standing. We will need a new class of politicians, of the class of leaders that we started our journey with after independence, probably the best we ever had.

Its time to put on your glares, the true India Shining moment is coming up, and the future is going to be very bright. More power to Anna Hazzare and the Indian Youth.

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