End of a vacation

I am getting that mixed feeling that one gets at the end of a long vacation. Life on the road and living out of backpack is about to come to an end. I am about to walk back into a lot more familier world – I know its language, I know the taste of food there, I know the people there, I know the streets, I can predict my life with a lot greater certainty. It is a life made out of familiar aspirations, familiar joys and familiar fears.

End of a Vacation

These traveling vacations arnt the leisure relaxed breaks one plans for, but they are the single biggest discontinuity you can force in your life to get a fresh set of eyes to see your world with. Instead of the larger questions like ‘what should I do with my life’, when on the road you are grappling with a lot more basic questions – When is the next train or flight connection, what is a good place to eat, will the weather be good today, will that back pain disappear by morning, will my camera battery last the day, etc. You also realise that none of the experiences will last – the good or the bad, and you just have to move on. The next stop will be different, but you can’t really be sure how. You can just approach it with faith, confidence and an open mind.

You are always surprised by how much one can pack in a single day. It truly is like living for today, and living like it is you last day. Maybe that is why traveling makes you feel so alive.

Time now to catch that last train of the vacation and the last flight home.

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