Rockstar rocks

Rockstar sucks you into the world that Imtiaz Ali creates. It engages all your senses. You will forgive Nargis Fakri for her poor acting, you will find Delhi’s rustic endearing, and you will forget that this is a long movie. I give it a 4/5.

The themes in the movie may not be all original – the rich sophisticated girl meets a rustic but talented desi boy, the underdog who aspires to become a rockstar, a rockstar on the path of self destruction; but they all work beautifully under the craftsmanship of Imtiaz. There are no cliché’s here, no item numbers, no pandering to lowest common denominator of sensibilities. This isn’t the typical boy-girl relationship; the girl has no hang-ups, the hero isn’t squeaky clean romantic, the dialogues are fresh and provocative, and here are two adults freely dipping into the child inside of them, something that I haven’t seen in Bollywood movies.

Ranbir Kapoor brings Authenticity as a rockstar to this tortured love story. He is clearly destined for great glories, and which will be a welcome break from the staleness of the Khans and their dominance on Bollywood. He gets what urban youth in India are all about, and acts the part convincingly.

Imtiaz brings his extraordinary sensibilities to make this movie special. I met him when Jab We Met was still at the editing table, and his conviction on that project was impressive even when it wasn’t getting the sort of pre-release buzz compared to its success later. His gift of storytelling was apparent, his ability to reduce the story to its essential elements stood out. This is what you get in Rockstar too, a fresh and uncommon perspective.

And music by A. R Rehman is spectacular. Is really lifts this movie into a higher orbit than even Ranbir’s charm or Imtiaz’s genius could have done on their own. Saddha haq could power revolutions, Jo Bhi Main sounds like a rock anthem that I so want to hum in the right tune, Kun Fayakun is uplifting.

Here is wishing more power to Imtiaz Ali and Ranbir Kapoor as new icons of Youth in India. Go watch…

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  1. Garima says:

    Rahul, The presentation of Rockstar b Imtiaz Ali was great but story was really weak the movie stood on RK , AR Rehman and Mohit Chauhan. He had a really great story in JWM.

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