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Isnt that a funny Picture

Sonia ji is upset that someone has morphed her picture and put it onto the image of Sunny Leone ji. Sonia ji is unable to look at herself in the mirror now, and nor can Sunny leone ji. Even Shree Kapil Sibal cant look Sonia ji in the eye without those kind of thoughts, the kind of thoughts that don’t uphold Indian culture, coming to his mind. He is maha pissed with everyone. He is forced to take a colour printout of that picture, and stamp it with red ink stamp that says ‘State Secret’ in all capitals, and file it in this growing file titled Sonia Porn. He has decided to take things from his staff members in his own hands and shake it all up. His act of seemingly moral outrage seems to have squirted back onto him.

I fear this stupid government now, and not some stupid updates from some stupid people online. Soon we will become criminals if we don’t like Sonia ji, or Shree Narendra Modi. Our last hope in this country of seemingly hopeless number of problems, freedom of speech, is about to be taken away.

The scream of Moral outrage by Kapil Sibal is misguided and shows that being a Lawyer from Harvard is no guarantee against stupidity. Any 13 year old today knows more about the norms of online behaviour than Our Govt.

  • Stupidity online is rampant and has never been a threat to humanity – Just because someone posts something stupid, does not mean the whole would will be set ablaze. If it has no basis in popular sentiment already, it will be completely ignored. And if it is already a widely held public sentiment then that builds following, which could become the law, seems like how democracy was supposed to work. If it is a misguided attempt by someone in power, it will be stamped away by wisdom of the crowds, like what is happening to the utterances of Mr Kapil himself. But if you start classifying such popular sentiment as stupid that is called Iran or China, which we are not, yet.
  • Social Media 101 –Your attempt at censoring anything online will only spread it further. They call it the Streisand effect. A light touch of censorship wont work. The only advise for Mr Kapil on his mission to cure the world of evil thought is to go the whole-hog and convert India into a terror state. People need to fear the Govt so much, that they censor all thoughts even before they originate. Anything less will only add more colourful printouts for this files.
  • You will get what you seek, but everyone is seeking different things online – Mr kapil’s team seem to be upset coz they found some offending  stuff when they searched for it, and they took printouts of it to make their case of how depraved the online world has become. Hello, what the f*^% is wrong with you Kapil? Ofcourse there will be all sorts of content online if you search for it. If you wanted to find fans of Sonia ji who will die for her you will find those too, along with the ones who are morphing Soniaji onto porn stars. I personally don’t belong to either camp and don’t think Sonia ji has what it takes to be the porn star. Nor do I think Sunny Leone is on top of her game too.
  • People know stupid when they see it – Online audiances have access to a wide variety of viewpoints. They can quickly decide when something is a plug, when something is authentic, when something is being done with dishonest intentions. All the millions of Brands online are all trying to sound authentic and looking for that one Viral campaign that will get them trending on twitter but no one is succeeding, despite all the money they are spending to be authentic (!). But Mr Kapil, you know how it is done. Congratulations for being the most popular, and most authentically stupid man online in India.

And what is the mandate given to you Mr Kapil, and to all your colleagues by all of us? Why are you trying to teach me what to write in my FB and twitter posts or even my blog? Arnt there little kids dying of malnutrition, or farmers drinking pesticides, or hospitals that are being over-run by the sick, or tribes being throw out by greedy corporate miners, or public rations being pilfered? We are facing one of greatest challenges in the story of india’s growth story and you are surfing for Sonia porn? Please get back to the work of Building India…

PS – On the headline

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