What makes Oscars so special?

I sometimes feel lonely being the only surviving Samurai warrior, especially when I catch a glimpse of last samurai movie, or hear its sound track. I have helped rescue my fellow marines from the crashed black hawk chopper. I have romanced the most beautiful women. I have coached my sports team and have won the ultimate prize against great odds. I was the last standing hero between evil and this world. A well made movie implants memories of a life you never lived, but you somehow remember the experience. They are as real as any of the real world memories, and they all comes with emotional strings attached. Movies are the ultimate alternate-reality drug and Oscars are its holy grail.

Hollywood, the dream machine, stops to catch its breath once a year for the ultimate credit roll, and you have a stake in who wins. Some of the nominated movies are the ones you have loved and have probably tried to convince your friends on why they are a must-watch, but what you were really trying to explain was the feeling that it triggered inside you of. Your ability to convey that feeling was lesser than what you actually felt, the eternal limitation of spoken language. But now, probably your choice will get the recognition you think it deserves. It is a part of you that is nominated and you just cant be the neutral party to it.

People attending Oscars all look stunning, but a lot more normal than how you remember them from the movies. The atmosphere is happy and buzzing, there is no talk of real world problems here, just a celebration of a make believe world. They have all come to cheer the best amongst themselves. To stand as a winner in front of the whole world which it is watching you live, and be recognised for excellence by your peers, makes this the highest point in these artists careers, and that makes for a reality show that is bigger than anything else out there. The ceremony itself is flawless, almost inhumanly perfect. Oscar ceremony is truly a great event.

So what makes Oscars the prestigious event that it is? It does not compete with 10 other awards maybe; maybe because it hasn’t got a gutka brand sponsoring it; maybe because the artistic talent that it represents is truly the worlds best; maybe it is just the professionalism or simply the social grace that one expects from an evolved western culture. Not really sure what, but Hollywood and Oscars raises the bar way up for all its distant Gaucherie cousin like Bollywood to emulate.

It all comes down to this, Drumrolls, and the winner is… and the applause.

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  1. I wonder what makes the Oscars such an amazing event. What do you think? My thoughts – http://t.co/z3OCQsZR

  2. Prateek says:

    “…maybe because it hasn’t got a gutka brand sponsoring it; “…if Mirchi was to sll sponsorship for this, you wud’ve sent us to Poppy umbrella too for PS ;). Kiddin. I agree with your POV. This is just an aside & I do not hope to have it as a comment on your site & I am sure you feel the same :). Nice stuff Rahul!

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