Cartoons and Desi Kulcha

All the Cartoons are in panic. Authorities want to label all Cartoons as terrorists. Politicians have gone mental after suffering mental anguish from attacks by Cartoons, and have started calling all cartoons anti-desi kulcha. A book-by-book search has been started, even Internet is being searched to find and stamp out the last remaining cartoon. In their fight for survival Cartoons are plotting a rebellion against the people in power. They are forming an alliance with common people who have a sense of humor, and an internet connection. As per the desi constitution, cartoons have some rights and can take legal action against all those who call cartoons cartoons, and who call them anti-desi Kulcha. HRD’ly minister, who has in the past also shot himself in the foot on the issue of free speech, has done it again by choosing to ignore the tougher task of improving the human development index of a struggling nation and instead get distracted by chasing after Cartoons. Most cartoons agree that he was probably reading the wrong Manga comics which are against the desi kulcha, and they speculate that the only explanation for his absurd comments is probably because his parents deprived him of cartoons as a kid; why else would anyone want to act like a bully and deny it to other kids? They also dislike didi, who they accuse of racism since she is calling all cartoons cartoons because of a cartoon that was actually not even a cartoon.

Cartoons are determined to fight and in a hardenning of their stance, a spokesperson for the cartoons said – “This fight is not just a fight for dignity of cartoons, but also a fight for the future desi kids who who are not even born yet to support us. If we die, they wont even know what they would be missing”. The fight is long and hard but cartoons are resilient… they will wait, and bide their time, and then strike back at the kulcha eating politicians when the time is right.

They have sent out an appeal to the ordinary citizens asking for help– to harbour all cartoons, support their revolution, do whatever it takes to resist these ministers bent on eating all of desi Kulcha… afterall,  today it is just the cartoons, tomorrow it WILL be YOU. Cartoons do make sense sometimes.

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  1. Time for Cartoons to unite and fight for their dignity, and not let the politicians to brand them all as outlaws-

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