Ishaqzaade is avoidable

Isqzaade has no redeeming features.  The only remarkable thing about it is how it saw the lightof the day, and how could so many people have been fooled to fill the hall.

It is overloaded with ugliness; be it the locations, the politics, the sexist streak, the crassness, religious stereotypes, language used. It is being positioned as a volatile, small town love story… well it isnt. It is better described as a deranged fantasy of an incompetent writer/ director/ producer. The acting is bad, but I don’t blame Arjun Kapoor or Parineeti Chopra –  characters are badly fleshed out,  story line is aimless, and  motivations of everyone in the movie are unclear. Actually, all characters exhibit traits of a crazy person  – fluctuating between extreme emotions a bit too easily, showing complete absence of any forethought, having no moral dilemmas.

This movie brings a bad name to all the critics who have recommended it. So here is my good deed of the day – please don’t watch it… this movie is Junk.

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  1. Isqzaade has no redeeming features, it is plan junk… my short review –

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