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Vijay Verma - Rangrezz

Vijay Verma- the new Bollywood Talent

One thing that the film firmly establishes is that Jackky Bhagnani is a hopeless actor, no matter how much marketing monies his doting father may spend in launching him. The script is bad and only reason it probably got picked is because it wouldn’t put too much strain on his acting. But Mr Jackky fails to cross even such a low threshold.

The only saving grace of this film is Vijay Varma, who does the role of Pakkya. He wins everyone’s heart with his authenticity and sheer talent. His is the only character which is able to establish any emotional connect with the Audience –  maybe because he is comfortable in his own skin and is not trying to hide behind any clichéd look, or some random dance moves. Looking at him one feels that there is a lot more to come from this young actor. Rajpal Yadav is funny in parts, though he is mostly wasted.

At some point you start wondering how could such a mediocre film be produced by a veteran like Vashu Bhagnani to launch his son. The Music is mediocre too. The movies ends abruptly and before you recover from the mindlessness of it, the credit rolls start with a poor imitation of Gangnam style by Jackky. Ouch. Why? As you leave the hall  you wonder what does Rangrezz mean anyway.

In all this mess, there is one thing that Vashu Bhagnani can take the credit for – in spotting Vijay Verma, and in launching him into the big league.

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