Movie Review – Silver linings playbook

Silver Linings Playbook - Film ReviewI am coming late to this film – after it got 8 Oscar nominations (with all 4 acting category nominations), and after a 22 year old Jennifer Lawrence winning the best actress award. I found it to be heart-warming story which approaches love and life with disarming honesty and directness.

The setup is unconventional – a guy chasing his illusion of love in a confused state of mind, and a woman struggling to overcome her sexual addiction while surrounded by men who are preying on her weakness. They both are trying to come to grips with their lives while living with imperfect families, imperfect friends, having imperfect relationships – and soon one forgets who has the mental disorder here. The film doesn’t try hard to fit any particular genre; it is more serious than a rom-com or a chick-flick, but does not make heavy weather of the struggles of its characters battling their mental illness. The soundtrack really stands out and lifts many key moments to the music ranging from from Led Zepplin, to Bob Dylan,  to Stevie Wonder.

The acting by Jennifer Lawrence is deserving of the Oscar and her skills are far ahead of her young age. I was a bit disappointed by Robet De Niro, he seems to have lost the edge totally and is falling back on the sort of roles he has done in the past. Anupam Kher plays a convincing part and its great to see him get his due for his talent.

In a boringly sane world, a bit of madness is something to celebrate.

 Must watch – 8.5/10

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