Vrindavan – A Journey to your Heart

They say that it takes thousands of births to be able to come here. You need the permission of Radha Rani to visit Vrindavan, this is her realm. Her name is plastered all over the walls, the rickshaw puller shout Radhe Radhe instead of honking, she is the path to Krishna.

Chosen few

The world wants Krishna, and Krishna Pines for Radha… she is the path to him. She is the all forgiving, all loving, all merciful, all compassionate. The Krishna devotees want to be reborn as a Manjari, the closest friends of Radha. This is their ultimate ambition.

The Ambitious

It jolt your senses as you arrive into Vrindavan from Mumbai – the mayanagri if there was any. You feel like an intruder walking into a country where your baggage of fear, insecurity and ego has no value or meaning. This baggage prevents you from getting past the doors of real Vrindavan, but even that little glimpse will transform you.


Midway between real and spiritual

Vrindavan is said to be the meeting point of the real world and the spiritual world. The real world looks like it is, and not especially pretty in Vrindavan. It is tough to see beyond the physicality of the towns ugliness and dirt, but for the devotee there is beauty all around. The devotees see the streets of Vrindavan filled with rubies, and diamonds and gold. They see the Ras Leela playing out in a parallel universe in same place.

Barsana, near Vrindavan

They tell you that you cant see the beauty of Vrindavan because of the dust of ignorance which covers the eyes. They promise the Mahamantra to removing the dust.

Blessed land

You hear legends of trees bleeding when cut, of a Sadhu with a Tiger who would help him collect alms going door to door, of trees having the power to grant your wishes, of everything having awareness… even the dust.


You can see real Vrindavan only though the eyes of a devotee, someone who can make it come alive with the stories of the Leelas and sweet pastimes of Krishna and Radha. Someone who can talk about the great saints who came and went with such great humility that their whispers are all that remain.

To see, close your eyes and chant

Your mind cannot come to grips with the concepts of unconditional lovedevotion and selflessness which are the only things that matter here –  this is the place where hearts rule. You close your eyes and join those ecstatic chants and soak into the love that flows and holds people in its embrace.

A priest tells us – Vrindavan is not a place of knowledge, but a place of love and devotion. This place has the power to expand your heart and reduce your worries into insignificant specs of dust in the larger picture of existence. Your anxiety seeps out of your body, the anxiety you probably don’t even know it existed till it leaves you. You are not quite clear whether you in a dream or are you just waking up from one.

The Real and the Myth

Each of the 300 temples are wrapped in mythology that crosses from the real to the mythical world seamlessly. There are footprints of Lord Krishna being worshipped, there are statues which have appeared out of its own will from nothing, of fires still burning from the last 500 years which are used to burn the dia and the light for the lord.  There is no place for doubt in anyone mind here, this is not a place of scepticism, but of surrender.

Surrender your heart

If Radha Rani calls you to Vrindavan, be prepared to lose your heart behind.

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