Startup goldrush of India

Startup goldrush in India

The Indian digital business eco-system is in full bloom. Its exponential impact across business and social services will be felt much sooner than we expect  The Building blocks of the transformation are in place – there is money pouring in (India is now the 3rd biggest startup country, with over $9Bn being pumped into the […]

India needs to abandon the ‘Jugaad’ mindset

Pothole flagged off - God bless our cars and limbs

Branch of a tree poking out of the road in Mumbai is now widely understood to be a sign that there is a pothole underneath and to be careful around it. This is Indian Jugaad at its best, making do with whatever is available. This Jugaad mindset has traditionally had a negative connotation for being […]

Leadership lessons from Kingfisher Airline fiasco

Vijay Mallya on KF airline website

How does one explain the mess that Vijay Mallya is in? His crown jewel, Kingfisher airline, has run up a debt of 7000 Cr, has reported losses for every year of its operation, and now stands grounded with its license suspended. There are arrest warrants against him for bounced cheques (withdrawn recently), the KF staff has not […]

How Cartoons got me into trouble


Our marketing plan had been finalised and everything was ready to go. We were quite proud of how the creatives had turned out. It celebrated all the great icons of the Kannada film industry. A similar campaign had just finished in another part of India which featured the Bollywood stars, and had been received well, and we […]

Lessons in management from a car service centre


I am waiting at the car workshop to handover my car for servicing. Going to get your  car serviced is an unappetising chore that almost has no bright side, so everyone who lands up here is already a bit pissed at having to go through with it. There is a constant stream of restless car […]

Manesar Incident – India’s 94% Vs 2%

Workers revolution

The incident at Manesar has become an irritant for everyone – the government, the villages around Manesar, the company, the cops, the workers. Everyone wants to quickly get the production line running somehow and get the inconvenience out of the way. Justice should  definitely be given to those hurt by it directly, and there should […]

Why Nokia’s platform is still burning…

Nokia Burning

I fondly remember my first mobile phone, that chunky Nokia 1100, which I bought in 2000. It was a good phone and well designed for that era and the only popular app it had was a game of Snake. Nokia was on a roll then, and was seen as one of the most innovative companies […]