Why is it difficult to learn from Success?

japan sea boat

About 50% companies have churned out of the Fortune 500 list in the last 10 years. Too many iconic brands are struggling for survival; Kodak, Nokia, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, RIM, just to name a few. Shouldn’t their past success have made them stronger? This obviously isnt an issue of leadership talent; most companies go through a lot […]

The changing face of Marketing – Part 2


<<  part -1 of this blog These days all marketing conferences are buzzing with discussions about digital marketing with advise on how to handle the ‘digital natives’ and the importance of having a ‘dialog and not a monologue’ with the consumer. The urgency in the pitches of most presenters will unsettle any skeptic of the […]

The changing face of Marketing – Part 1

Selling childhood for Apartments

Any marketing manager working for the real-estate sector in India has a pretty tough task at hand. All unique selling propositions based on physical attributes – beauty, safety, clubhouse, amenities, design etc, have already been claimed. In an effort to claim even more premiumness and thus higher profit margins for the new properties, the marketing […]

Street sense and the art of Selling

Near my office there are two tapris, both selling cigarette/ toffee etc. One is run by a young man and the other by an old woman. They get a lot of traffic from the office crowd in the vicinity and many passerby. As part of my daily post lunch routine, I visit them for sweets […]

And One last thing

Steve Jobs

iQuit screams a creative headline in a newspaper. Steve Jobs, who has made a career out of successfully launching products that consumers lust after, has decided to throw in his towel and retire from Apple as the CEO. There has probably never been another business leader who has achieved so much in his lifetime; launching […]

Prescription to become a Hero


Could Mr Murdoch have done any different? Perhaps he could have been less pushy. But when you are running a modern successful empire, how can you not push your people? Setting unreasonable expectations from yourself and others is part of the pursuit of growth, which then leads you to getting ahead of all. Well, that […]

The state of Media and Entertainment sector in India – 2011

SRK and Hugh Jackman - at Ficci Frames, (http://www.hindustantimes.com/photos-news/Photos-Entertainment/hughjackmancomestoindia/Article4-677791.aspx)

My 5 takeouts from FICCI Frames – 2011 FICCI Frames, the gathering of the who’s-who of Indian Media and Entertainment industry has become an annual ritual for the industry. Despite all the platitudes that get spoken by everyone, and the poor representation of many of the key constituents (Newspapers, Mobile content providers, MSOs and online […]