You are being watched

“On the internet, no one knows that you are a dog” was true for 1993 when it was published as a cartoon by the New Yorker. The world is different now. We have conceded a lot of ground about our identity to companies online and in exchange we get content and services for free. But […]

Dye fighting

I wasn’t ready for it when the greying of my hair had already started. It took over my head with suddenness and a third of my head has been conquered by it. I offered no resistance – not even the occasional coconut oil massage. My only defence has been the argument that my early greying genes […]

How should India respond to Chinese Aggression

India has a visceral fear of China. After suffering a defeat in 1962 war it has never fully regained its confidence when dealing with China. It is revealing to read the account of Henry Kissinger about how China planned the 1962 war with India. India had overestimated its own capability and in the 1950s it […]

AAP is the wrong prescription for India

Arvind Kejriwal has risen on the wave of urban discontent with the mismanagement of India by the politicians. The manifesto of AAP party is just an extension of his activist ideal – kill corruption. If he wins, what should we expect from him? Booking the tax evaders, mass trials, tougher penalties… all good I guess. […]

How to redesign the future of Mankind

We are usually optimistic about the future, and that is just in our nature as humans. But if we are serious about making our future better, we should not be satisfied by just making marginal improvements. Most of our progress builds on our history and current reality. We react to the problems that come our […]

How to end corruption in India

There is a new evil in town that everyone is talking about – the corrupt man. But to focus on punishing the guilty, or focusing only on trying to reclaim his wealth is like scratching an itch; scratching may give temporary relief but may not cure underlying problem (and may end up scarring the morale […]

Why is India such an underachiever at Olympics?

Mary kom took the punches inside and outside the ring to grab her bronze. She came out of the ring and apologised for not winning the gold. This wasn’t some comment from a PR savvy athlete, but a genuine reaction from a world champion. Her feat is heroic given the odds she battled to achieve it. She won […]