Why Barfi! wont win an Oscar (Spoiler Alert)


Barfi is fresh for Bollywood. It is a great celebration of Life and at no point does it linger on the disabilities of the key characters. There is lightness about the movie, and the slapstick comedy enhances the experience, all credit to Ranbir’s charm. The premise of the movie is a bit forced, but Anurag […]

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ misses greatness by a bats whisker


The dark knight rises, lifts the entire genre of super hero movies to another level – more real and gritty than ever. Batman meets a foe that is stronger than him, loses everything to him and then has to rediscover his inner drive to rise against him. The evil brewing in the dark underbelly of […]

Ishaqzaade is avoidable


Isqzaade has no redeeming features.  The only remarkable thing about it is how it saw the lightof the day, and how could so many people have been fooled to fill the hall. It is overloaded with ugliness; be it the locations, the politics, the sexist streak, the crassness, religious stereotypes, language used. It is being […]

Satyamev Jayate – more hope than substance

Satyamev Jayate-1

Satyamev Jayate hopes to turn the tragedies of India into Primetime entertainment. Atleast for the first week it has had the nation buzzing , but I don’t think this interest level will last for more than 3 weeks. The viewership of the first episode was driven by the slick marketing campaign, which to a large […]

The Artistry

The Artist

The Artist is a black and white silent movie, but still stands out in today’s CG saturated Hollywood fare.  Reminiscent of the silent movie era, it is shot in 4:3 aspect ratio and a  frame rate of  22fps (instead of 24 fps standard rate) to give it the slightly jerky and fast feel. It is […]

Steve Jobs – and the masters of the Universe

Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson

The Biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaason is the dramatic life story of a man who despite the acute Narcissistic personality disorder went on to create one of the most loved company ever. Steve Jobs was on a mission to bring art and aesthetics to the common man through great products. For him profit was […]

Rockstar rocks


Rockstar sucks you into the world that Imtiaz Ali creates. It engages all your senses. You will forgive Nargis Fakri for her poor acting, you will find Delhi’s rustic endearing, and you will forget that this is a long movie. I give it a 4/5. The themes in the movie may not be all original […]