A Roadtrip from London to Wales

The Roadtip to Wales

It is the Easter weekend when we land in London. The cheerful holiday crowds are everywhere and we become part of the global festive spirit in this cultural hot-pot. We had made the decision to go on a Road trip with friends spontaneously without much planning, but it is now the highlight of our holiday […]

Nepal – Dawn to Dusk

4b Sunrise

We have just arrived at Nagarkot escaping the dust, heat and diesel fumes of Kathmandu. Nepal seems like a parallel universe to India – this is how India would have been, but by some stroke of luck it managed to stumble ahead economically. Indian TV channels dominate the cultural narrative here, but Nepali are protective […]

Vrindavan – A Journey to your Heart

The chosen few get to visit Vrindavan

They say that it takes thousands of births to be able to come here. You need the permission of Radha Rani to visit Vrindavan, this is her realm. Her name is plastered all over the walls, the rickshaw puller shout Radhe Radhe instead of honking, she is the path to Krishna. The world wants Krishna, and Krishna Pines for […]

Road-trip through Rajasthan (Part 2)


<< Road-trip through Rajasthan -Part 1 We had already driven 1200 km, but we were hungry for more.  I had been apprehensive that a road trip may end up feeling as stressful as my everyday commute, instead there was something about open roads and open expanses of Rajasthan that felt therapeutic. We left the sands of […]

Road-trip through Rajasthan (Part 1)


Going on a roadtrip though the Great Indian desert was merely an idea a month ago, and now I was behind the wheel living it. We were entering deeper into this dry land where history was etched so deep that time and progress had not been able not erase it. We were slowly unwinding and […]

The delayed flight


The flight is delayed by a few hours. I am almost starting to enjoy the forced pause in my life. Everything is slower now and mind lingers on each thought. Pearl Jam is streaming into my ears singing Alive from my iPod. The Genius in the iPod touch seems to have picked some gems from my […]

Tigers of Kanha

Tiger in Kanha

There are rumours of two tigers resting after a fresh kill. There is a possibility of spotting a tiger today, but such stories are all too common and I haven’t spotted any tigers in my last 3 outings into the Tiger reserves. The Guide suddenly tells the driver to stop the vehicle, asking everyone to be silent […]