A journey to the heart of darkness – Dachau

Death March

This is where the darkest chapter of humanity was written; Dachau, the first concentration camp setup by the Nazis. I wasnt sure if going there on a day-trip from Munich was going to be worthwhile since enough has been said about concentration camps. But little did I know that this was about to become one […]

Ballooning in Cappadocia


The strongest sensation 1.5 km above the ground in a hot air balloon, is Silence. It is punctured every 15 minutes by the sudden gush of gas-burners firing up followed by stillness again. The Pilot has been at the launch site since 4am studying weather patterns to predict wind directions for today. He fires up […]

Tripping in Istanbul

Istanbul Skyline

The landlady calls us over for dinner at her place. We will be staying in her apartment in Istiklal street for 4 days. The dinner is grilled fish, Samosa and salads served outdoors next to the pool. We meet T at dinner, who we invite to join us at club Raina – we had seen […]

End of a vacation

End of a Vacation

I am getting that mixed feeling that one gets at the end of a long vacation. Life on the road and living out of backpack is about to come to an end. I am about to walk back into a lot more familier world – I know its language, I know the taste of food […]

Search for 15 Degrees Lower

It started with a plan hatched over a few beers – ‘Dude, lets go camping ‘. Next we found ourselves driving on at 10:30 pm in the night with a tent and our survival gear in the tow, looking at the thermometer as we drove up the mountains, waiting for it to fall by 15 […]

A Lesson in Conservation

Chhari - Dhand, A Birders paradise

I had never really appreciated the delicate balance of natural ecosystems despite years of formal education and the many hours of NatGeo documentaries. But one visit to chhari-dhand, a wetland 80Km from Bhuj in Gujarat was enough to wake me up to its fragile nature. We were told that it is a Birders Paradise and […]