Movie Review – Student of the Year


Student of the year tries to be a modern version of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, but it does not have the same innocence or freshness about it. Like so much of Bollywood which loves to be “inspired”, this one seems to particularly incestuous in its inspirations. References to old Bollywood movie are rife and are […]

Ishaqzaade is avoidable


Isqzaade has no redeeming features.  The only remarkable thing about it is how it saw the lightof the day, and how could so many people have been fooled to fill the hall. It is overloaded with ugliness; be it the locations, the politics, the sexist streak, the crassness, religious stereotypes, language used. It is being […]

What makes Oscars so special?


I sometimes feel lonely being the only surviving Samurai warrior, especially when I catch a glimpse of last samurai movie, or hear its sound track. I have helped rescue my fellow marines from the crashed black hawk chopper. I have romanced the most beautiful women. I have coached my sports team and have won the […]

Rockstar rocks


Rockstar sucks you into the world that Imtiaz Ali creates. It engages all your senses. You will forgive Nargis Fakri for her poor acting, you will find Delhi’s rustic endearing, and you will forget that this is a long movie. I give it a 4/5. The themes in the movie may not be all original […]

Encounter of the third kind, with Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is sitting at ease on his couch looking intently at his glaxy tab, excusing himself out of the conversation for a minute. He is grappling with something on his tab while he unconsciously touches his mustache, which is part of his new look. He folds his tab and is back into the conversation […]

The state of Media and Entertainment sector in India – 2011

SRK and Hugh Jackman - at Ficci Frames, (

My 5 takeouts from FICCI Frames – 2011 FICCI Frames, the gathering of the who’s-who of Indian Media and Entertainment industry has become an annual ritual for the industry. Despite all the platitudes that get spoken by everyone, and the poor representation of many of the key constituents (Newspapers, Mobile content providers, MSOs and online […]