The Modi debate, and the rise of Indian mutants

While the actions of PM do impact our lives in some distant way, but today everything seems to be originating from Modi. The omnipresence of Modi is such that he pops up on my office lunch table discussion alongside my salad, he comes up in my WhatsApp group along with other work related messages, he […]

How to redesign the future of Mankind

We are usually optimistic about the future, and that is just in our nature as humans. But if we are serious about making our future better, we should not be satisfied by just making marginal improvements. Most of our progress builds on our history and current reality. We react to the problems that come our […]

The great comedy act – Amma, behenji and didi

I woke up to full page advertisement of a larger than life picture of Amma splashed on the frontpage of news papers. My half-awake mind was trying to figure out why I was being subjected to her full frontal in Mumbai, maybe I had not really woken up. To be dreaming of her seemed even […]