How Cartoons got me into trouble


Our marketing plan had been finalised and everything was ready to go. We were quite proud of how the creatives had turned out. It celebrated all the great icons of the Kannada film industry. A similar campaign had just finished in another part of India which featured the Bollywood stars, and had been received well, and we […]

Save the internet, Save the world


My copy of the economist didn’t arrive that week. Instead, I got the following mail from the publisher – Dear Mr. Balyan, We deeply regret to inform you that we will not be able to deliver your subscription copy of the February 11th issue of The Economist. This issue includes a special report on Pakistan […]

Cartoons and Desi Kulcha


All the Cartoons are in panic. Authorities want to label all Cartoons as terrorists. Politicians have gone mental after suffering mental anguish from attacks by Cartoons, and have started calling all cartoons anti-desi kulcha. A book-by-book search has been started, even Internet is being searched to find and stamp out the last remaining cartoon. In […]