The unreasonableness of Diwali

Out of a largely empty ritual that few understand in any real way, so much joy, happiness and bonding flows out, soaking everyone in its path. We float in the warm fuzziness of it, and the unreasonable happiness and celebration envelops us. It feels like a happy madness is gripping everyone and we have no […]

The Modi debate, and the rise of Indian mutants

While the actions of PM do impact our lives in some distant way, but today everything seems to be originating from Modi. The omnipresence of Modi is such that he pops up on my office lunch table discussion alongside my salad, he comes up in my WhatsApp group along with other work related messages, he […]

The final solution to India Vs Pakistan conflict

The assumption here is that we want a final solution which ends the increasingly absurd conflict between India and Pakistan. The solution needs to be such that both India and Pakistan start focusing their energies and resources on things that matter to the well being of their desperately poor citizens– health, education, safety, employment etc, […]

Satyamev Jayate – more hope than substance

Satyamev Jayate hopes to turn the tragedies of India into Primetime entertainment. Atleast for the first week it has had the nation buzzing , but I don’t think this interest level will last for more than 3 weeks. The viewership of the first episode was driven by the slick marketing campaign, which to a large […]

All your posts are belong to us

Sonia ji is upset that someone has morphed her picture and put it onto the image of Sunny Leone ji. Sonia ji is unable to look at herself in the mirror now, and nor can Sunny leone ji. Even Shree Kapil Sibal cant look Sonia ji in the eye without those kind of thoughts, the […]

Awakening of the Midnight’s Children

The sweet sound of a flute wafts in from the window as I am enjoying my holiday at home on 15th August. It’s a guy on the street selling flutes and he is playing an old and popular patriotic songs. The music gets a hold of me, tugging at all of my chords of patriotism […]

The astonishing landgrab in India

If you are a builder in India, you have your fingers in the biggest cookie jar of India, especially if you are a builder in Mumbai. A friend commented recently that Mumbai has no policy endorsed by the Govt for making housing affordable – the equivalent of DDA in Delhi. This is because the politicians […]