Lessons in management from a car service centre


I am waiting at the car workshop to handover my car for servicing. Going to get your  car serviced is an unappetising chore that almost has no bright side, so everyone who lands up here is already a bit pissed at having to go through with it. There is a constant stream of restless car […]

Why is it difficult to learn from Success?

japan sea boat

About 50% companies have churned out of the Fortune 500 list in the last 10 years. Too many iconic brands are struggling for survival; Kodak, Nokia, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, RIM, just to name a few. Shouldn’t their past success have made them stronger? This obviously isnt an issue of leadership talent; most companies go through a lot […]

Prescription to become a Hero


Could Mr Murdoch have done any different? Perhaps he could have been less pushy. But when you are running a modern successful empire, how can you not push your people? Setting unreasonable expectations from yourself and others is part of the pursuit of growth, which then leads you to getting ahead of all. Well, that […]