AAP is the wrong prescription for India


Arvind Kejriwal has risen on the wave of urban discontent with the mismanagement of India by the politicians. The manifesto of AAP party is just an extension of his activist ideal – kill corruption. If he wins, what should we expect from him? Booking the tax evaders, mass trials, tougher penalties… all good I guess. […]

The great comedy act – Amma, behenji and didi


I woke up to full page advertisement of a larger than life picture of Amma splashed on the frontpage of news papers. My half-awake mind was trying to figure out why I was being subjected to her full frontal in Mumbai, maybe I had not really woken up. To be dreaming of her seemed even […]

Cartoons and Desi Kulcha


All the Cartoons are in panic. Authorities want to label all Cartoons as terrorists. Politicians have gone mental after suffering mental anguish from attacks by Cartoons, and have started calling all cartoons anti-desi kulcha. A book-by-book search has been started, even Internet is being searched to find and stamp out the last remaining cartoon. In […]