Why is it difficult to learn from Success?

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About 50% companies have churned out of the Fortune 500 list in the last 10 years. Too many iconic brands are struggling for survival; Kodak, Nokia, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, RIM, just to name a few. Shouldn’t their past success have made them stronger? This obviously isnt an issue of leadership talent; most companies go through a lot […]

The changing face of Marketing – Part 2


<<  part -1 of this blog These days all marketing conferences are buzzing with discussions about digital marketing with advise on how to handle the ‘digital natives’ and the importance of having a ‘dialog and not a monologue’ with the consumer. The urgency in the pitches of most presenters will unsettle any skeptic of the […]

The changing face of Marketing – Part 1

Selling childhood for Apartments

Any marketing manager working for the real-estate sector in India has a pretty tough task at hand. All unique selling propositions based on physical attributes – beauty, safety, clubhouse, amenities, design etc, have already been claimed. In an effort to claim even more premiumness and thus higher profit margins for the new properties, the marketing […]