Movie Review – Rangrezz

Vijay Verma - Rangrezz

One thing that the film firmly establishes is that Jackky Bhagnani is a hopeless actor, no matter how much marketing monies his doting father may spend in launching him. The script is bad and only reason it probably got picked is because it wouldn’t put too much strain on his acting. But Mr Jackky fails to cross even […]

Movie Review – Silver linings playbook

Silver Linings Playbook - Film Review

I am coming late to this film – after it got 8 Oscar nominations (with all 4 acting category nominations), and after a 22 year old Jennifer Lawrence winning the best actress award. I found it to be heart-warming story which approaches love and life with disarming honesty and directness. The setup is unconventional – a guy chasing his […]

Movie Review – Argo


This is one of the best edge-of-the-seat thriller of the year (Currently has an IMDB rating of 8.4, which will take it to the top 50 films of all times). Ben Affleck pulls off an outstanding performance as the actor and a director. It is a real life story of an attempt to rescue six […]

Movie Review – Student of the Year


Student of the year tries to be a modern version of Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, but it does not have the same innocence or freshness about it. Like so much of Bollywood which loves to be “inspired”, this one seems to particularly incestuous in its inspirations. References to old Bollywood movie are rife and are […]

Why Barfi! wont win an Oscar (Spoiler Alert)


Barfi is fresh for Bollywood. It is a great celebration of Life and at no point does it linger on the disabilities of the key characters. There is lightness about the movie, and the slapstick comedy enhances the experience, all credit to Ranbir’s charm. The premise of the movie is a bit forced, but Anurag […]

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ misses greatness by a bats whisker


The dark knight rises, lifts the entire genre of super hero movies to another level – more real and gritty than ever. Batman meets a foe that is stronger than him, loses everything to him and then has to rediscover his inner drive to rise against him. The evil brewing in the dark underbelly of […]

Ishaqzaade is avoidable


Isqzaade has no redeeming features.  The only remarkable thing about it is how it saw the lightof the day, and how could so many people have been fooled to fill the hall. It is overloaded with ugliness; be it the locations, the politics, the sexist streak, the crassness, religious stereotypes, language used. It is being […]