Dye fighting

George Clooney

I wasn’t ready for it when the greying of my hair had already started. It took over my head with suddenness and a third of my head has been conquered by it. I offered no resistance – not even the occasional coconut oil massage. My only defence has been the argument that my early greying genes […]

RaOne is a great Con Job


RaOne is a successful con job. Commercial success will eclipse the fact that the quality of experience is poor and not quite commensurate with the scale of commercial success. My rating on the movie is 2 out of 5. SRK has a lot on his shoulders in this movie. He has to play the role […]

The state of Media and Entertainment sector in India – 2011

SRK and Hugh Jackman - at Ficci Frames, (http://www.hindustantimes.com/photos-news/Photos-Entertainment/hughjackmancomestoindia/Article4-677791.aspx)

My 5 takeouts from FICCI Frames – 2011 FICCI Frames, the gathering of the who’s-who of Indian Media and Entertainment industry has become an annual ritual for the industry. Despite all the platitudes that get spoken by everyone, and the poor representation of many of the key constituents (Newspapers, Mobile content providers, MSOs and online […]