A Roadtrip from London to Wales

The Roadtip to Wales

It is the Easter weekend when we land in London. The cheerful holiday crowds are everywhere and we become part of the global festive spirit in this cultural hot-pot. We had made the decision to go on a Road trip with friends spontaneously without much planning, but it is now the highlight of our holiday […]

Tripping in Istanbul

Istanbul Skyline

The landlady calls us over for dinner at her place. We will be staying in her apartment in Istiklal street for 4 days. The dinner is grilled fish, Samosa and salads served outdoors next to the pool. We meet T at dinner, who we invite to join us at club Raina – we had seen […]

End of a vacation

End of a Vacation

I am getting that mixed feeling that one gets at the end of a long vacation. Life on the road and living out of backpack is about to come to an end. I am about to walk back into a lot more familier world – I know its language, I know the taste of food […]