The final solution to India Vs Pakistan conflict


The assumption here is that we want a final solution which ends the increasingly absurd conflict between India and Pakistan. The solution needs to be such that both India and Pakistan start focusing their energies and resources on things that matter to the well being of their desperately poor citizens– health, education, safety, employment etc, […]

How should India respond to Chinese Aggression

India Vs China

India has a visceral fear of China. After suffering a defeat in 1962 war it has never fully regained its confidence when dealing with China. It is revealing to read the account of Henry Kissinger about how China planned the 1962 war with India. India had overestimated its own capability and in the 1950s it […]

Need a voice of Reason in Religion


On most mornings you can see him standing at one of the busiest roads of Mumbai with a placard in his hand. The message is shockingly simple – apne dharam par chalo, sabse prem Karo (for the Devanagri challenged it says – Follow your religions, love everyone). People who pass this traffic light often wave […]